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Inflammation and Pain clinic 


Ozone Therapy 

Strong anti inflammatory 

Medical ozone therapy is a strong antinfalmmatory , pain relief . It is a holistic approach ,natural and safe therapy . we can introduce it to your body through insufflation bags, sauna , ear insufflation and rectal insufflation . also we use the power of ozonated water in treatment of pains . using water as a medicine .


Inhalation Therpay

30 minute session hydrogen water steam inhalation therpay

- strong antioxidant 

reduce inflammation

- stimulates cellular renewal

- raise body energy

- help in metabolic syndrome 

- has anti cancer effect

- improves athletic performance 


infra red light .jpeg

Red Light Therapy 

30 minute session with red light therapy can markedly relief pains and reduce inflammation . It also help in sleep and relief stress 


Infra red sauna 

30 minutes  session , Relax and get all anti inflammatory benefits of the heating therapy , relax your muscles and increase your metabolic rate . 


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