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Cupping Therapy (HIJAMAH)

We offer all types of cupping therapy at our center .

The powerful detox combined therapy ozone & cupping, wet cupping, dry cupping, and massage cupping. 

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Cupping & red light 

- Removes toxins

- Stimulates lymphatic system 

- Decreases inflammation 

- Decreases uric acid and cholesterol 

- Raises metabolism

- Relieves pain

- Activates cellular rejuvenation 

- Antiaging 

Cupping Therapy 

Cupping or Hijamah in Montreal :

We offer cupping therapy in a scientific way, with well-trained highly professional experts. Cupping therapy is a powerful detox therapy that raises the body's metabolism and energy levels.


2018 review of studies noted that cupping therapy reported benefits for a variety of conditions that can be categorized as either localized or systematic diseases. 

Cupping is thought to alleviate symptoms by promoting peripheral (close to the skin) blood circulation and improving immunity.

According to the 2018 review, the effects of cupping therapy include:

  • promoting the skin’s blood flow

  • changing the skin’s biomechanical properties

  • increasing pain thresholds

  • improving local anaerobic (without oxygen) metabolism

  • reducing inflammation

  • boosting cellular immunity

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