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When air becomes a medicine 

Inhalation Therapy

The air you breathe gets into every single cell in your body and affects its functions and power . Try Inhalation therapy of a specific natural elements that approved to clean your lung , empower your cells with clear oxygenation , heals any body inflammations , treat any pains and has anticancer effect . 

Hydrogen oxygen mixture  inhalation

hydrogen water steam inhalation is done throught special device for hydrogen inhalation . The importance of hydrogen can be understood by considering its influence on how the body detoxifies, improves brain health, promotes healthy aging and longevity, impacts post-exercise recovery, and mimics exercise.”

acting as a powerful antioxidant, supporting cognitive health and athletic performance, promoting healthy metabolism, and helping in the activation of the body’s natural detoxification system.

In the brain, do the benefits of hydrogen go beyond its neuroprotective effects? Interestingly, hydrogen’s benefits highlight the role it has in supporting homeostasis in the body.

People suffering from asthma may find that hydrogen therapy provides relief using a natural approach, rather than pharmaceuticals.more informations[0]=AT0BEYapVuVlB6GztzyRyzQbn1u_oBKrtCgCf_RL51WUlGGYWvpzuTrepjLc8v5jvUVrutsziXyNwdURAVpQPCv67iZG2ScYaULKDJrCafWDQkZ7V0gq2Lv_wjlHNurlNAx3WK5ad-HeMY_jdO_Pgg-2nGD3LiQkMZGGhL1eVlHU05LjFu52VJomvT2oeolbOGJve7VqrwySy66aYrC1QAxAGIR8QcwV21H3qg

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It is done with specific ozone machine 

A session of 20 minutes , which has a strong anti inflammatory effect on lung , reduce lung congestion and improves asthma . 


**you will take a bottle of ozonated oil at the end of session as a gift 


Fir normal patient to increase immunity and improve body functions 2-3 sessions are enough . One session per week 


For asthma 6-8 sessions 

For cardiac patients and hypertension 6-8 sessions 

For  flue , acute bronchitis   4 sessions 


For auto immune 6-8 sesdions

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