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Allergy Free Technique-AFT is a holistic and alternative approach to treating allergies and sensitivities. It is based on principles from acupuncture, chiropractic, kinesiology, and nutrition.


How does it work?

 How does it work? AFT combines the wisdom of acupressure on vertebral column and nutrition to address energy imbalances in your body. By gently stimulating specific points while exposed to allergens, AFT helps your body reset and stop reacting to allergies. 

With AFT, you can experience: 

✓ Allergy relief without medications or painful shots! 

✓ Freedom to eat the foods you love without worry! 

✓ Better breathing and fewer sniffles! 

✓ Improved energy and overall well-being! 



Regain control of your life and reclaim the joy of living allergy-free! AFT provides permanent relief from allergies, making it life-changing for many 

 Contact us today to schedule your session and unlock the path to a happier, allergy-free you 

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Key Concepts and Process

1. *Energy Imbalance:* According to AFT, allergies are a result of energy imbalances in the body caused by exposure to allergens. These imbalances disrupt the body's electromagnetic energy pathways, known as meridians.


2. *Allergen Identification:* AFT practitioners use muscle testing to identify substances that trigger allergic reactions. The patient holds a vial containing a potential allergen while the practitioner tests the strength of specific muscles.


3. *Desensitization:* Once allergens are identified, the practitioner uses acupressure to stimulate specific points along the spine and other acupressure gate points on the body. The patient holds the allergen vial during this process.


4. *Energy Clearing:* The stimulation is believed to clear the energy blockages and restore balance in the body's energy pathways. This process aims to reprogram the body's response to the allergen, eliminating the allergic reaction.


5. *Avoidance and Reinforcement:* After the session, patients are usually advised to avoid the treated allergen for a specified period to allow the body to adjust. Multiple sessions may be required for complete desensitization.

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