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Preventive weight control  Program

Preventive program


is a program to loos weight , relief  you pains  and improve different body functions . It is a weight control ,  immune stimulant, detoxifier,

 and hormonal balance program


The program will be designed for each person specifically, after having followed medical history and laboratory results.

It's all natural. It includes the diet plan for the weight

control, naturopath for all disorders, herbology and homeopathy to be treated and cleanse your body.


The weight loss program is customized for each person , balanced with 35% proteins ,35% fats and 30% carbs . it gives the body all nutrients needed, scientifically based , effective with real loss of weight with no yoyo phenomena 


The immune stimulation and detoxification program includes

A monthly plan of nutrition, herbs and oils to support different bodily functions

- Lung Heath

- Heath book

- kidney health

- Brain health

- colon Heath

- Bone Heath

- health of the lymphatic system


The program understands how to protect your body against health problems

each season:

- colds, flu, respiratory infections in winter

- allergies, asthma in spring

- skin burns and inflammations, infections of the digestive tract,

and UTI in summer

- the outbreak of autoimmune diseases during falls.

- The program includes the supply of all herbs,

oils and supplements that you may need.



The program includes:

1- long first meeting for history and full examination, also receiving lab results

2 sessions of explanation and follow-up of the program

3- lectures or videos to teach you how to lead a new healthy life.

4- each client will receive two bags one for winter and fall and the other for spring and summer contains all the herbs, oils, supplements that he or she may need.


- diet counseling services 


Let's prevent disease before it hits our body. Do not be late



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