preventive program

Preventive program


is a program to prevent disease before it comes ,and  improve the progress

of a disease that is already exist . It is an immune boosting , detoxifying ,

weight control and hormonal balance program


The program will be designed for each person specifically , after taking

the medical history , and the lab results .

It is all natural , all included program . It includes the diet plan  for weight

control , naturopath for all disorders , herbology and homeopathy to treat

and cleanse your body.




The immune boosting and detoxification program includes

A monthly plane from nutrition , herbs and oils to support a different body functions

-    Lung Heath

-    livre Heath

-    kidney Heath

-    Brain Heath

-    colon Heath

-    Bone Heath

-    lymphatic system health


The Program includes how to protect your body from health challenges

in each season :

-    from common cold, flue, respiratory infections in winter

-    from allergies, asthma in spring

-    from skin burn and inflammations, digestive tract infections ,

and UTI in summer

-    from flaring of autoimmune diseases in falls.

-    The program includes providing you with all herbs,

oils and supplements you may need .



The program includes :

1- long first  meeting for history and full examination , also receiving the lab results

2- sessions to explain and follow up with the program

3- lectures or videos to learn you how to lead a new healthy life .

4- each client will receive two bags one for winter and fall and the other spring and summer contains all herbs , oils , supplements he or she may need .




Let’s prevent the disease before it hits our bodies . Don’t be late


For registration


Contact us at 4389244664

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