I found it very insightful, I learned so many things that I never knew and I feel much more confident knowing what certain diseases are as well as solutions to these illnesses.


what about the materials , folders , Ppt ?

I’m glad she gave us books so that we can refer to the material at home and review. I also really appreciate that when it was near the exam time, Dr Alyaa would give the class review tests to practice as well as voice recorded summaries. This helped me a LOT.



it was interesting,there was a variation in the diseases,conditions that we could face ,learning herbs was very interesting to me .I did not expect the huge benifits in it.


I hope this center will be the first university for naturopathy in E nglish in QC.





Cours riches en informations et apprentissages. La succession des cours est adéquate.


Q2 Qu'en est-il des professeurs du diplôme?


Dr Alyaa Ghanem..très bonnes pédagogie et connaissances en médecine naturelle.

Dr Amel Abedellah…….très bonnes pédagogie et connaissances en médecine. Il lui manque un peu d’expertise en médecine naturelle ( mais je t’aime quand-même Dr Amel 😊 )


The curriculum is very useful, with important information and topics about diseases, their symptoms and their natural treatment, and this is what attracts patients now. It also helps us in our personal life away from work.


 what about the professors of the diploma ?

Dr Alyaa Ghanem she has extensive experience in the field of herbs and how to treat and deal with patients, she has a large amount of patience, her explanation method is clear, and the idea is communicated in an easy way.

Dr Amel Abedellah She has experience in the women's field, and her way of explaining is clear


Yes, it is very beneficial to me, in my future work and also in my private life, it helped me organize the healthy life of my husband because he suffers from health problems that require a specific diet, and benefit from natural recipes with herbs