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Hydrogen Oxygen Inhalation Therapy



Oxygen, carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, hydrogen sulfide, and other gases make up gas signaling molecules (GSMs), which are essential for controlling signaling and maintaining cellular homeostasis. Interestingly, these compounds demonstrated the ability to treat cancer through a variety of administration routes. Hydrogen gas (molecular formula: H2) has recently come to light as yet another GSM with a range of biological properties, including anti-inflammatory, anti-ROS, and anti-cancer actions. Growing evidence indicates hydrogen’s potential for extensive and efficient application in clinical therapy, including the reduction of side effects associated with conventional chemotherapeutic medications as well as the inhibition of the growth of cancer cells and xenograft tumors 

A number of studies have established the efficacy of hydrogen as a therapeutic agent. An experiment on mice with skin tumors, who inhaled a mixture of hydrogen (97.5%) and oxygen (2.5%), showed marked regression in the tumors (Dole et al., 1975). Hydrogen has been tested both in vivo and in vitro to prove its use as a safe and effective antioxidant (Ohsawa et al., 2007). Type 2 diabetes mellitus patients also benefited from drinking hydrogen water (Kajiyama et al., 2008). Hydrogen water supplementation decreases cholesterol and may have a preventive role in metabolic syndrome (Song et al., 2013). Hydrogen water improved UPDRS scores of patients with Parkinsonism in a study in Japan (Huang et al., 2018). An energy metabolic pathway flip from oxidative phosphorylation to aerobic glycolysis is linked to allergic airway inflammation. By flipping this switch back, hydrogen reduces inflammation of the airways in asthma and allergic airway inflammation (Niu et al., 2020) Hydrogen may also have implications in the treatment of gastric cancers



Mechanism of Action of Hydrogen

Eliminates reactive oxygen species (ROS)

Modulates Inflammation

Enhances/Restores Mitochondrial Function

Boosts Immune System

Genes and Signaling Pathways associated with Lung cancer

Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer

PD-1 Pathway Inhibitors

CD47-SIRPα pathway Inhibitors

Targeted Therapy for Cancer

Tumor Suppressors

RAS and Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase

The range of conditions quoted as benefiting from H2 therapy includes:

  • Metabolic syndrome,

  • Diabetes

  • Hyperlipidemia,

  • Parkinson’s disease

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Hepatitis B

  • Wound-healing

  • Recovery from radiotherapy

  • Cognitive impairment

  • Athletic performance, etc.

Also, bacteria naturally resident in the human gut generate large amounts of hydrogen known to have beneficial effects on health.

 Q; What does hydrogen do inside the body?

Hydrogen acts as a powerful antioxidant agent to revert excessive ROS and signaling mechanisms among the molecular leveled cells.

Q: Does the hydrogen inhalation machine makes pure hydrogen and guarantee safety?

Hydrogen is completely safe for human administration. It is the smallest molecule to penetrate through even the bones and the muscles. The real SPE PEM ozone inhalation machine makes 66.7% H2 gas and 33.3% O2 gas, and its H2 gas is 99.99% pure .

Q: Is inhaling hydrogen different from drinking hydrogen water?

There’s generally about 0.001g of hydrogen in 1L of water. This is equivalent to one tiny dust particle. Scientifically, at the room temperature, the maximum amount of hydrogen that can be dissolved to 1L of water is 0.0016g (1.6 mg). With this said, when you inhale the hydrogen with H-1200, 30-min of inhalation is equivalent to drinking 18,000 bottles of 2L “hydrogen water.” If you are planning to consume hydrogen for health purposes, you must intake hydrogen via inhaling in its natural gas form.

Q: How long should I inhale Hydrogen?

You can inhale hydrogen as long as you’d like because if the body does not need the hydrogen anymore, it is naturally emitted. For the patients with severe conditions, 5~8 hours of hydrogen inhalation therapy ( 1200 ~ 3000 mL/min gas generated) per day would be recommended. There have been many cases where hydrogen inhalation for over 6 hours daily benefitted patients with brain-related diseases, including Parkinson’s and for treating COVID 19 patients

 What is the difference between the device that only generates hydrogen and the device that generates both hydrogen and oxygen together?In the market, there are devices that separate hydrogen and oxygen and allows the individual to inhale only hydrogen. Such devices can only generate small amount of hydrogen and when you only inhale hydrogen at 99.99%, there would be a higher tendency that you may get hypoxia. With the device that generates both hydrogen and oxygen, the inhaled gas is 66.66% hydrogen and 33.33% oxygen, so if you inhale them at a large amount, you would not have any risk. At the medical fields in Japan, the latter ones are being used to inhale hydrogen safely.

Q: Can you sleep well after doing hydrogen inhalation?

After you inhale hydrogen, the activity of parasympathetic nervous system increases and this effect reaches its maximum point after first 30-min. (Reference: The Acute Effect of Hydrogen Inhalation on the Body, Katsuhiro K.)

Q: Isn’t Hydrogen has a risk of getting exploded?

Some people automatically correlate hydrogen to an explosion. For the hydrogen to explode, it has to be stored in a sealed container at a very high pressure. An explosion happens when the seal breaks and inflammables are working together.However, the pressure level (1 atm) of the distribution pathway of hydrogen generated by the hydrogen inhalation device is the same as the atmosphere (1 atm). The generated hydrogen is inhaled or emitted to the atmosphere, so it is not stored in the device. Also, hydrogen does not get burned itself when it is at a concentration state at 4% to 75% and at less than 582°C.

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