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Honey and health

Alyaa Ghanema

If you're ready to incorporate raw honey into your diet, check out these uses for honey.

1. To improve digestion - Ingest one to two tablespoons of honey diluted in cup of water on an empty stomach to counter indigestion as it does not ferment in the stomach and start eating after two hours.

2. To relieve nausea - Mix honey with ginger and lemon juice to help with nausea, drink it with water especially in the morning.

3. Improve Diabetes - Consuming raw honey can reduce your risk of developing diabetes and help with medications used to treat diabetes. Raw honey increases insulin and decreases hyperglycemia. Add a little at a time to your diet and see how your blood sugar responds. And if you mixed sage with 10-400g of honey, leave the mixture for 4 days and start taking your morning juice with it. tablespoon of this mixture in . cup of water, this will help stabilize your blood. Sugar for a long time as sage also has a powerful effect in lowering blood glucose levels, especially after meals.

4. Lower Cholesterol - Honey can help lower cholesterol and therefore reduce your risk of coronary heart disease. take your morning honey juice adding a spoonful of dried olive leaves which lowered blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels

5. Improve circulation – Raw honey helps the brain function optimally by strengthening the heart and improving blood circulation. Take your morning honey juice with a spoonful of mustard seeds added to it to improve circulation as mustard seeds have been shown to be vasodilators and have also activated circulation.

6. Antioxidant Support – Consuming raw honey increases plaque-fighting antioxidants. Take your ginger or black seed honey juice to boost the antioxidant power of your juice.

7. Improve Allergies - If sourced locally, raw honey can help reduce seasonal allergies. Add one to two tablespoons of flaxseeds to your daily honey juice and forget about allergies because flaxseeds boost your juice potency as an anti-allergen due to its richness in omega 3

8. Lose weight - Substituting honey for white sugar can help with weight management. Take your morning honey juice and add cinnamon and ginger to it to boost the fat burning effect of your juice.

9. Relieve sore throat and cough – Using honey to relieve sore throat and cough is another fantastic remedy. This is especially useful for children with coughs. It is enough to swallow a teaspoon of honey or add it to tea with lemon.

Summary: Take a morning honey juice with one spoonful of honey and five spoonfuls of warm water on an empty stomach and do not eat for at least 30 minutes. This drink will give a healthy and radiant life. Add some plants depending on your health problem and enjoy a good natural drink. phone:+14389244664

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