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cupping therapy

Alyaa Ghanema

The cupping method, also known as Hijama therapy in Arabic culture, has been used to manage pain and detoxify the body. The Prophet Muhammad considered therapy by

aspiration as a highly recommended and essential part of prophetic Islamic medicine.

It has been reported that Prophet Muhammed (SAW) used cupping therapy to treat pain and used it for health maintenance and prevention. Hijama therapy followed guidelines on the best time to practice this technique. Hijama was usually performed only on odd days of the lunar calendar. These days include Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. The Prophet Muhammad advised against cupping on other days of the week.

Cupping therapy has been around for thousands of years and has been used to treat patients from many different cultures. In the modern world, studies conducted by scientists in 2012 showed that, combined with other forms of treatment, such as accu pressure, acupuncture and medication, cupping could benefit many patients suffering from several ailments.

It is well known to be traditional Chinese medicine. Chinese Cupping is based on the belief that by creating vacuums using cups on specific points of the patient's body, the life force in that person's body can be restored to balance and cure illnesses. All obstructions, pain and inflammation are removed to promote a sense of peace and peace and well-being.

Cupping promotes blood circulation and calms the nervous system while improving blood circulation.

Some of the conditions that have proven to respond well to cupping therapy include:

1. Blood disorders - Anemia and hemophilia.

Rheumatic diseases - Arthritis and fibromyalgia

1. In women - Infertility and other gynecological problems such as irregular menstruation, leucorrhoea, often due to estrogen imbalances and uterine cramping disorders. Cramps are treated by using acupuncture and cupping together.

2. Skin conditions - Eczema, hives or hives and acne. Wet and dry cupping treatments are used to treat acne.

3. Wrinkles and facial rejuvenation

4. high blood pressure

5. Mental issues - Anxiety, depression, migraines and insomnia

6. varicose veins

7. Detox

8. Improve the immune system

9. Respiratory diseases - Congestion, colds, asthma, allergies and bronchitis. Cupping therapy has shown satisfactory results in the treatment of children and is often combined with wet cupping.

10. Pain - Through cupping therapy, the healer can relieve headaches and backaches. Pain in the shoulder blades or loins can be treated by targeting specific points.

11. Toothache - A toothache can be cured when using cupping with acupuncture and massage therapy.

12. Relaxes stiff muscles, especially when using massage cups

13. Helps in weight loss and removes cellulite - To remove cellulite, the oil is first applied to the skin, then after the suction is created, the cup is moved over the surrounding parts of the body.

14. Gastrointestinal disorders - Early morning diarrhea, dysentery, severe or frequent gastritis. Children with indigestion can also benefit from cupping.

15. Can help in the treatment of cancer by strengthening the immune system and enhancing the body's own power to fight cancer, and in Chinese medicine by rebalancing the energy of a bodily system blocked by tumors

1. Facial Paralysis - Particular points on the face are first treated with acupuncture or needling, then suction treatment is used in other areas, as the best results are obtained by using both together.

2. Soft tissue injuries - deflation around injuries and painful areas

3. sore throat

4. Acute conjunctivitis - Redness and sore eyes are treated with wet and dry cupping.

5. Frozen shoulder - This condition can also be treated with the help of acupuncture and cupping on the pierced areas.

6. Fever and headache caused by infection.

7. Herpes

8. Cervical spondylitis, a condition of the neck joints

9. Headaches

Here are the top 10 reasons you need cupping therapy in your life.

• It is a therapy of trust: the ancient Egyptians used it as a therapy dating back to 1550 BC. BC, as well as in Chinese and Middle Eastern cultures. The research on the practice is endless, so it is important to have confidence in it!

• There are different methods: There are different ways to do cupping, called wet or dry (like Starbucks cappuccino). If you decide to do wet cupping, it will be more of a gentle suction on your body.

Dry cupping will involve using heat to warm the cups to pull the skin up.

• Helps Reduce Pain: If you're looking for a natural way to reduce joint and muscle pain, cupping is your answer. Cupping has been proven to significantly reduce lower back pain, comparing it to conventional treatments such as pain medication.

• Relax: Instead of getting a relaxing massage with minimal benefits, give it a try! Cupping can help relieve physical problems and calm the

central nervous system, putting you in a mode of total relaxation. Not only can it relax you, but it can also help protect you against anxiety and depression.

• Improves Digestion: If you suffer from irregularity or irritable bowel syndrome, this method may be worth looking into. Since cupping relieves stress, it can also lead to a healthy digestive system, as most digestive problems are caused by large amounts of stress.

• Have a healthier complexion: cupping can help remove inflammation from the skin and reduce breakouts of acne or eczema. To help treat your problem, suction is applied to the affected area, and 'nicks' the skin in the process to remove the breakout.

• Anti-Aging: Cupping not only helps you feel better, but also helps fight wrinkles and mature skin. Be sure to use products after your treatment, such as lotions and essential oils to absorb into your skin and nourish it with all the nutrients it needs. Even if you're not worried about aging skin now, your future self will thank you!

• Treat your overworked hands: Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition you get when you put too much pressure on them. If you experience numbness or pain in your hands, vacuuming the cups might help ease the discomfort. After the treatment, your hands should feel relieved of pain and weakness.

• Recharge your batteries: forget that cup of coffee in the morning, try cupping! It can be used to improve your energy flow as the bruises caused by the procedure are believed to be elements of negative energy coming to the surface and exiting the body. A detox does not seem like a bad idea to us!

An expert therapist is important

Although cupping has shown great results in helping people with a host of issues, it's worth remembering that any type of treatment is most helpful in the hands of an expert therapist, especially in cases where cupping wet should be used. This form of cupping which involves drawing a few drops of blood under carefully controlled conditions should be performed by an experienced healer under sterile conditions to prevent infections.

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